The Motorcycle Injury Firm is a team of the nation’s top lawyers experienced in representing motorcycle-accident victims and their families. To get the best results in motorcycle-accident cases, lawyers need to be experienced and well-versed in laws, accident causes, and injuries specific to motorcycle-accident cases. Our motorcycle-accident lawyers have the experience and knowledge to provide you and your family the representation you deserve in your motorcycle-accident case. As a national firm, The Motorcycle Injury Firm has the resources and ability to handle all motorcycle-accident cases. Regardless of where your accident occurred or where you reside, The Motorcycle Injury Firm will assemble a team composed of lawyers experienced in motorcycle-accident law as well as local lawyers familiar with the court where your case will be filed. Contact us today and we will begin assembling a team that will best meet the needs of your case.

The Motorcycle Injury Firm Has Extensive Experience with All Aspects of Motorcycle-accident Cases

motorcycle injury firmMotorcycle accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and deaths to motorcyclists. If you or a family member has been injured in such an accident, your first priority is obtaining the medical attention you require for what may be massive injuries with life-long consequences. At times like these, accident victims and their families may give little or no thought to seeking compensation from those responsible for their injuries or loved ones’ deaths. Yet, in so many cases, such compensation is desperately needed to meet the exorbitant medical and other expenses that are incurred immediately after an accident and, in a great many cases, continued for a victim’s lifetime.

To achieve the justice you and your family deserve from the negligent driver or other defendant who caused your accident injuries or family member’s death, you need to acquire legal assistance as quickly as possible to ensure that evidence is properly recovered and preserved and that legal action is timely filed. But, you need far more than a general personal-injury, wrongful-death, or accident lawyer. You need all of the following:

  • A national team of lawyers who are highly qualified and experienced with motorcycle-accident cases and who know and understand the complex differences between motorcycle-accident and other vehicle-accident cases
  • A national motorcycle-accident firm with extensive resources and the ability to handle all types of motorcycle-accident cases
  • A national motorcycle-accident team with a thorough knowledge and understanding of motorcycle-accident law, insurance requirements, and comparative negligence laws
  • A national motorcycle-accident team that will fight hard for you and your family

You need The Motorcycle Injury Firm, headed by The Killino Firm, P.C.

The Motorcycle Injury Firm works from coast to coast to achieve justice for motorcycle-accident victims across the U.S. Whether your accident occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Miami, Florida; West Palm Beach, Florida; New York, New York; or Los Angeles, California, The Motorcycle Injury Firm is prepared to fight for every bit of the compensation you deserve.

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Aggressive & Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle crash and you believe your injuries or loved one’s death was due to driver negligence or a defect in the motorcycle, our attorneys can help you seek justice for the suffering you and your family have endured.
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The Motorcycle Injury Firm Team

Our national and local motorcycle-accident lawyers are intimately familiar with the subtleties and nuances of motorcycle-accident cases, the special types of investigations and experts required, and the proof needed to obtain the typically high level of damages sustained in these complicated cases. Our motorcycle-accident team has achieved justice for motorcycle-accident victims’ catastrophic injuries and deaths around the country. We don’t just fight for our clients—we fight aggressively and with the passion only lawyers who truly care about their clients can bring to their cases.

When we receive a call from a motorcycle-accident victim who needs our help, our first priority is to gather and preserve crucial evidence through expert and other investigation, obtain witness statements, and begin to reconstruct the accident. We work closely with the best of engineering, accident-reconstruction, damages, and medical experts in all jurisdictions to assist us with every aspect of the litigation and trial of our cases and to ensure that each and every one of our clients receives top motorcycle-accident injury representation.

Our lawyers concentrate their practices in motorcycle-accident cases and are thoroughly schooled in motorcycle-accident science and law. We understand that motorcycle accidents are caused in many ways and what is required to establish liability in each type of case. Motorcycle Accidents and their resulting Injuries are commonly contributed to by driver negligence; the Contributory Negligence of motorcyclists; Alcohol or other substance impairment; Roadway Defects or Construction that is negligently planned, operated, and/or maintained; negligence during Group Motorcycle Riding; and Defects in Motorcycles and Motorcycle Safety Equipment.

Motorcycle accidents caused by driver alcohol impairment, for example, may result in the liability of a driver and, in some cases, the individual and/or establishment that served the driver alcohol while the driver was visibly intoxicated. A motorcyclist who causes an accident through alcohol-impaired riding or other negligence may also be found liable for the resulting injury or death of another driver or of the motorcyclist’s Passenger.

Our motorcycle-accident attorneys are also well-versed in the nation’s Motorcycle Helmet Laws, and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) related to motorcycle and motorcycle-helmet design established and enforced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). We have extensive experience with defective motorcycle and motorcycle equipment cases and the laws of product liability applicable thereto.

Our motorcycle lawyers have faced the challenges and issues peculiar to accident cases involving motorcycle groups or packs. We know how to counter the biases against motorcycle riders as well as insurance-lawyer defenses—such as blaming riders—and other defense tactics. The Motorcycle Injury Firm’s lawyers possess the knowledge, experience, and skill necessary to get the job done, and we put that knowledge, experience, and skill to work for each and every one of our clients.

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